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Individual Therapy

It may be the right time to look at your life and yourself, and make some course corrections. Let me offer you a safe haven to examine what’s not working, and what to do about it.

I will help you:
Be self confident and worry free.
Recognize and release hidden sabotaging self beliefs.
Manage your emotions wisely.
Know the balance between time for you, and for others.
Make positive relationship choices.

Unintentionally, we have often become stuffed full of worries, judgments, and other negativity. We may not even recognize the heaviness we carry. Yet, at our core we are still the loving uncomplicated person we were as a small child. No matter what difficult things have happened, we have the capacity to heal, to let go, to be "unstuffed", to be at peace. When that happens we are more self accepting and more relaxed. This naturally leads to more enjoyment, good decisions, and better relationships.

I have 20+ years of experience using a variety of techniques that enable you to get to the heart of your issues. With these techniques, rapid change is possible. For instance, I am certified in EMDR, an effective and efficient method, creating long lasting results.

I welcome all people: straight, LGBT, people of color, any ethnicity, and the polyamorous. I am interactive, and combine warmth, empathy, and insight. I will tell you what I see, and I will always be kind.

It's Not All In Your Head
Some Tips on Self Esteem
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