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It's Not All In Your Head

An article in the recent Psychology Today (july/aug 2015) discusses new research into the link between brain health and the bacteria in the intestines. "It's at least as much in your gut as in your head, and it's primary protagonists are the intestinal bacteria known as probiotics, organisms that foster health, especially mental health."

Probiotics "enable normal brain development and social interaction, gut bacteria produce an array of bioactive compounds that influence behavior from anxiety to pain perception".....and "may reverse symptoms of disorders ranging from autism to stress anxiety."

Historically many cultures have included fermented foods in their diet as a way to foster useful bacteria, i.e. yogurt, saurkraut, kimchi, but unfortunately, the American diet is mostly devoid of fermented foods. Plus Americans drink a lot of coffee, and eat lots of sugar and carbohydrates (i.e. pasta, pastry, pizza, bread, rice, potatoes) which become sugar when digested, and these unbalance the gut bacteria. Chinese medicine (i.e. acupuncture and herbs) has known for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years that ALL disease originates in poor gut health.

According to this recent research probiotics influence:
stress response
chronic pain
cognitive function
neural development
immune function
gut integrity
autism spectrum disorder
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