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Welcome to Successful Counseling, my name is Jan H Carlson MFT and I do effective therapy for both adult individuals and couples. Although a good listener, I do much more than that. I am engaged with my clients, and provide guidance, feedback, and empathy in all my counseling sessions. From couples to individual counseling, if you are searching for a therapist in the Emeryville area, and want a therapist you can trust to give quality counseling, I can help.

Here is a summary of the services I offer:

Couples/Marriage Counseling - Couples who are struggling can reconnect with the help of a skilled couple’s counselor. An important part of quality and harmony is good communication skills, which I will teach you.

Individual Therapy- It may be the right time to look at your life and yourself, and make some course corrections. Let me offer you a safe haven to examine what’s not working, and what to do about it.

Lesbian/Gay/Straight, people of color, any ethnicity, and the polyamorous: I welcome the diversity of East Bay.

EMDR Therapy- a simple, powerful and efficient tool for psychotherapy. Individual therapy shouldn’t take years, and it will not with EMDR.
And Much More…….

As a licensed therapist for over 20 years, I have many years’ experience in all areas of counseling for couples/marriage, communication skills, depression, anxiety, and more. My focus includes helping people struggling with the symptoms that result from difficulties in relationship, i.e. frustration, confusion, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, to mention a few. Let me be your trusted source when it comes to therapy.

I take pride in my work and reliability.

To get in touch with me today, give me a call at 510 464 1024… or visit my contact page HERE!

My office is centrally located and is convenient for Berkeley, Oakland and beyond. I offer a free ½ hour phone consultation before you come in to see me. When searching for a therapist, look for years and diversity of experience.
Suggestions on How To Choose a Therapist

I take pride in my work, and as mentioned above, I have 20+ years’ experience. I am here to help, and am looking forward to hearing from you.  

I am able to accept insurance from most companies.


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